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  • Dmitry Voronin

¡Uno Más! Opens Ukrainian market for European Craft Beer

TOØL, Põhjala, Funky Fluid, Fuerst Wiacek and Others Are Now Available in Ukraine

craft beer goes to new market
New Market for European Craft Breweries

¡Uno Más! team did a great job by selecting and negotiating with top level European craft beer breweries. We succeeded in selecting the best sellers and unique products of every brewery we signed and made them available to our consumers in Ukraine.

We have shared our offer with a wide network of bars, pubs and restaurants. The Konteyner pub network, The Dealer bottleshops and many more individual venues have added European brands to their tap lists and menus.

What Benefits Does ¡Uno Más! Offer for Craft Beer Breweries?

¡Uno Más! means a new opportunity and a trustworthy partner. We take care of everything from shipping, distributing, promoting and selling your beers in Ukraine. We also give you feedback and insights on what Ukrainian beer lovers like and want.

Additional value and benefits that breweries got by partnering with us:

  • access to a new and growing market of Ukrainian beer lovers, who are eager to try new and different beers;

  • increase of brand awareness and reputation in Ukraine, by being featured on our website, social media, events and media;

  • collaboration with local brewers, influencers and media to create new products, experiences and stories.

What Plans Does ¡Uno Más! Have for the Future

We are always looking for new breweries to join us and make our offer even better. We are also working on reaching more partners in different parts of Ukraine. We want to make European craft beer available and affordable for everyone.

We are also planning to have more fun by organizing more events, tastings, workshops and collabs with local brewers, influencers and media. We continue building a community of craft beer fans in Ukraine, who can share their stories, opinions and ideas.

Let's Bring More Beer!

We would like to introduce more great quality craft beer to Ukrainian consumers and beer fans. If you would like us to intorduce your brewery to Ukrainian market:


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