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  • Dmitry Voronin

100 Mostów's Craft Beer Journey in Ukraine: A Toast to Innovation

Updated: Feb 23

In the heart of Ukraine's evolving beer scene, a remarkable partnership between Stu Mostów Brewery and Uno Más is fermenting a revolution, blending Wrocław's storied brewing tradition with the vibrant tapestry of Ukrainian taste. This alliance is not merely a business endeavor; it's a vibrant celebration of craft beer's power to unite cultures, histories, and communities.

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The Essence of Collaboration

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At the core of this partnership lies a shared vision: to elevate the craft beer experience.

Stu Mostów Brewery, with its innovative approach to brewing, brings to the table an array of beers that speak volumes of quality and creativity. From the streets of Wrocław, Polish city of hundred bridges, to the hearts of Ukrainian beer lovers, their offerings are a testament to the brewery's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Uno Más: The Bridge to New Tastes

Uno Más plays a pivotal role, acting as the conduit through which Stu Mostów's exceptional beers reach Ukrainian enthusiasts. Their strategic insight and deep understanding of the local market ensure that every introduction is met with anticipation and joy. Together, they're not just selling beer; they're crafting a new culture of appreciation for craft beer's richness and diversity.

A Symphony of Flavors

This collaboration promises an exploration of flavors, where each beer is a melody and every sip, a verse in a larger symphony of craft beer artistry. It's an invitation to Ukrainian consumers to embark on a journey of discovery, to explore the nuanced world of hops, malts, and yeasts, and to celebrate the craftsmanship that brings these elements together in harmony.

100 Mostów stands at the confluence of traditional brewing heritage and innovative craftsmanship. Their range is a testament to their pioneering spirit, featuring:

Signature Hits: The heart of 100 Mostów, these beers are their classics, available year-round. Each brew is crafted with dedication, embodying the brewery's core values and identifiable by their vibrant yellow labels. 

WRCLW Line: This premium segment pays homage to Wroclaw's rich brewing culture and its people. These beers, rooted in local recipes and ingredients, bring a unique flavor profile to the table, distinguishing themselves in the craft beer landscape. 

One-off Innovations: For those constantly seeking the new and the next, 100 Mostów's one-off line promises innovative brews. Created from the latest trends and seasonal ingredients, these beers are limited editions, perfect for adventurous palates. 

ART+ Collaborations: In these special editions, 100 Mostów collaborates with global breweries to co-create unique recipes and designs. These collaborations are a celebration of shared knowledge and creativity, offering beer enthusiasts something truly unique. 

WILD Series: Targeted at connoisseurs, the WILD series introduces wild beers that set new standards and trends. These are not just beers; they're experiences, crafted for those who appreciate the complex, nuanced flavors that only time can bring.

A Toast to the Future

As Stu Mostów Brewery and Uno Más continue to build this bridge of beers between Poland and Ukraine, they lay down the foundation for a future where craft beer is not just consumed but cherished. This partnership is a beacon of innovation, tradition, and the unifying power of a good brew. Here's to crafting connections, one beer at a time.

Below presentaion will give you more insights view on the beer range and history of the brand. For all other questions, do contact us!

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