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  • Dmitry Voronin

Uno Más and WineTime: The New Power Couple of Beer Distribution

Imagine a world where you can enjoy a wide range of craft beers from some of the best breweries in Europe, right in your own neighborhood. A world where you can discover new flavors and styles of beer, and learn more about the culture and history behind them. A world where you can share your passion for craft beer with other like-minded people, and support local businesses that care about quality and sustainability.

new craft beer arrived to retail
New Craft Beer Arrived

That world is not a fantasy. It is a reality that we at Uno Más and WineTime are creating together. We are two companies that share a common vision: to bring more craft beer to the people of Ukraine.

Uno Mas logo

Uno Más is a company that helps European craft beer brands enter and grow in the Ukrainian market. We have exclusive contracts with some of the most innovative and acclaimed craft breweries in Europe, such as To Øl, 100 Mostów, Fuerst Wiacek, Gamma, Funky Fluid, Põhjala and others. These breweries produce a variety of craft beers that appeal to both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers. They use high-quality ingredients, experiment with different recipes, and respect the traditions and values of craft beer making.

Winetime Logo

WineTime is a Ukrainian well-known premium retail chain that offers a wide selection of wines, beer and spirits. They have more than 35 stores across Ukraine, where they serve thousands of customers every day. They are always looking for new and exciting products to offer their customers, and they have a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Together, we have formed a strategic partnership that is enhancing the distribution of craft beer in retail, HoReCa and beyond. Thanks to this partnership, you can now find craft beer from Uno Más in WineTime stores. You can choose from different brands and styles of craft beer, depending on your mood and preference.

The partnership goes beyond just providing products. Uno Mas also offers a range of services that help WineTime optimize their craft beer portfolio and increase their sales. These services include:


We scout the best craft beer brands in Europe and negotiate profitable contracts with them for the Ukrainian market.


We consolidate orders from different breweries and ship them together to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Support in logistic and export/import operations:

We offer end-to-end logistic and customs procedures handling to ensure fast and smooth delivery of the products to retail warehouses.

Brand management and education of sales personnel:

We provide training and support to WineTime's staff on how to sell and serve craft beer properly. We also educate them on the history, culture and characteristics of each brand and style.

Marketing and activation:

We design and implement marketing campaigns and events to promote the craft beer brands and attract new customers. We also provide merchandising materials and point-of-sale displays to enhance the visibility and appeal of the products.

"We, are very happy to work with WineTime. They are a great partner and they share our passion for craft beer. We believe that this partnership will bring many benefits to both of us and to the Ukrainian craft beer scene."  – Anita Voronina, CEO Uno Más.

colorful cans of craft beer on retail shelf
Colorful Cans of Craft Beer on Retail Shelf

If you are interested in learning more about WineTime and get some great products to yourself – go visit their site and internet-shop at or walk in the one of 35+ locations in Ukraine.

And if you have a retail store and interested in offering your customers some of the best craft beer in Europe, or looking for services to optimize your retail beer chain – send us a message at or click the button below. We will help you and tell you more.


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