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  • Dmitry Voronin

Funky Fluid & Uno Más: Crafting a Unique Beer Taste in Ukraine

In the dynamic world of craft beer, the collaboration between Funky Fluid and Uno Más is a standout showcase of innovation meeting tradition. This alliance is more than just about introducing new beer flavors to Ukraine; it's about creating a unique beer tastes and culture that values diversity, excellence, and the craft of brewing.

Funky Fluid beer in glasses standing on top of the cans

Funky Fluid: Crafting Without Compromise

From Warsaw, Funky Fluid has earned accolades for its bold approach to brewing. The brewery's diverse lineup includes everything from richly hopped IPAs and fruit-forward sour ales to luxurious, adjunct-rich imperial stouts. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation not only makes them a beacon in Poland’s craft beer scene but has also earned them global recognition. Their beers, celebrated for their complexity and creativity, demonstrate what it means to brew without compromise​​​.

A Spectrum of Creativity

Through its partnership with Uno Más, Funky Fluid introduces a wide array of its celebrated beers to Ukraine. This includes their signature IPAs and the inventive Gelato series, known for its blend of rich, pastry stout textures with the tart sweetness of fruits. This series, emblematic of Funky Fluid’s innovative spirit, has endeared itself to beer lovers far and wide​.

Collaboration with Uno Más

Uno Más' expertise in distribution has been crucial in bringing Funky Fluid's exceptional beers to Ukrainian consumers. This partnership is built on a mutual dedication to enriching the beer landscape with unparalleled taste experiences, merging distinct brewing philosophies with a shared passion for beer that resonates with the evolving preferences of enthusiasts.

Funky Fluid dark beer in stly of Black forest cake with can puring into high glass staning on the piece of cake

Envisioning a Collaborative Future

The journey of Funky Fluid and Uno Más in Ukraine underscores a commitment to innovation and diversity in the craft beer scene. They invite aficionados to discover a world where each beer tells a story of creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of extraordinary flavors, aiming to foster a connected and creative beer community.

Learn more

To dive deeper into the innovative world that Funky Fluid and Uno Más are crafting in Ukraine, we invite you to explore the detailed company presentation. It offers a closer look at their collaborative efforts, brewing techniques, and the diverse range of beers that are setting new standards in the craft beer industry. Should you have any questions or seek further insights into their unique beer culture, please feel free to reach out. Contact us for more information and let us guide you through the intricate flavors and stories behind each brew. This partnership isn't just about beer—it's about experiencing the craft beer culture in a new and exciting way.

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