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  • Dmitry Voronin

Põhjala: Enhancing Craft Beer Choices as ¡Uno Más! Elevates Brewery's Presence in Ukraine

Updated: Feb 23

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to diversify and enrich Ukraine's craft beer scene, ¡Uno Más! has played a pivotal role in amplifying the presence of Estonia's Põhjala Brewery within the Ukrainian market. This initiative not only highlights ¡Uno Más!'s expertise in market expansion and brand promotion but also showcases the strength of partnerships in bringing high-quality craft beer closer to consumers.

Pohjala Brewery Taproom

A Partnership for Growth

The collaboration between ¡Uno Más! and Põhjala Brewery extends beyond mere distribution; it's a testament to a shared vision of delivering exceptional and innovative beer experiences. By boosting Põhjala's presence, ¡Uno Más! has facilitated greater access to Põhjala’s unique offerings, renowned for their deep connection to Estonian nature and traditions in brewing.

Leveraging WineTime's Network

A key component of this successful market penetration strategy has been the strategic alliance with WineTime, a leading Ukrainian premium retail chain known for its extensive selection of wines, beers, and spirits. This collaboration has enabled the wider availability of Põhjala's craft beers across WineTime's expansive retail network, thereby reaching a broader audience of craft beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

Impact and Consumer Reception

The increased availability of Põhjala's beers in Ukraine, facilitated by ¡Uno Más!, has been met with enthusiasm from consumers. This enthusiasm is not only a win for Põhjala and ¡Uno Más! but also for the craft beer community in Ukraine, which now enjoys a richer variety of high-quality, international craft beers.

Forward-Looking Strategies

Looking ahead, ¡Uno Más! remains committed to further expanding its portfolio of craft beer offerings, continuously seeking partnerships that align with its mission to enrich Ukraine's beverage landscape. The synergy between ¡Uno Más!, Põhjala Brewery, and WineTime serves as a blueprint for future initiatives aimed at introducing more unique and high-quality craft beers to the Ukrainian market.

For those interested in exploring the enhanced range of Põhjala Brewery’s beers in Ukraine or learning more about this fruitful collaboration - do connect with us to discuss available offerings and future endeavors and download the brand presentation below.

Download PDF • 10.77MB



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