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  • Dmitry Voronin

Flavors of Resilience: Uno Más Facilitates Ukrainian Craft Beer Night in Slovenia

On April 20th, Borza Piva, Ljubljana’s renowned craft beer hub, hosted a unique celebration of Ukrainian craft beer, organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovenia with support from Nazovni platform.

Ukrainian Ambassador and owners of pub in Slovenia
H.e. Ambassador of Ukraine in Slovenia Andrii Taran and owners of Borza Piva pub, Bojan and Miljana Velickovic

Uno Más played a pivotal role in the event’s success by providing logistical, informational, media support, and consultation services.

The event showcased an array of nine Ukrainian craft breweries: Pravda Brewery, Ten Men Brewery, MOVA Brewing Co., SHO Brewery, Underwood Brewery, Volynski Browar, Varvar Brew, Heming Brewery, and 2085 Brewery, along with Stazione Parenzana, a Ukrainian brewery flourishing in Slovenia.

Ukrainian Embassy in Slovenia logo

Notably, the event was graced by several distinguished guests, including H.E. Ambassador of Ukraine in Slovenia and H.E. Ambassador of Ireland in Slovenia. Their presence underscored the international significance and appeal of the craft beer industry.

At Uno Más, we are inspired by the dedication of Ukrainian brewers who continue to pursue their passion and support their economy under challenging circumstances, with many engaged in meaningful social initiatives. Moved by these efforts, Borza Piva pledged all event proceeds to support Ukrainian children, highlighting the community’s solidarity.

Guests enjoyed sampling a diverse selection of 48 Ukrainian beers, from traditional styles to innovative new flavors like Ukrainian Golden Ale and Tomatino. Virtual tours of the breweries enriched the experience, offering insights into the artistry behind the brews.

The evening also featured a "beer exchange" where the popularity of each beer impacted its "stock value," creating a lively, market-like atmosphere.

logo of Nazovni platform

Key to the success of this remarkable evening was the strategic partnership with Nazovni, a pioneering online platform launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Nazovni is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian exporters by providing essential consulting services through a network of embassy staff worldwide. This platform serves as a bridge for Ukrainian businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of global markets by offering personalized management and comprehensive guidance at every step of the export process. Their involvement in promoting Ukrainian craft beer underscores their broader mission to facilitate international business engagements and cultural exchanges, which was vividly demonstrated during the event.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the participating breweries, Ambassadors, and the management of Borza Piva for an unforgettable night of craft, culture, and community. Here’s to fostering more moments like these across the globe!

We at Uno Más are thrilled by the enthusiasm and collaboration displayed at this event and are eager to bring similar experiences to other countries. If you are interested in using craft beer as a medium to celebrate and promote cultural diversity, Uno Más is ready to assist in organizing these enriching events worldwide.



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